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Cubase script file (v2.1) for the EWS64 soundset GSSBK320' :
Essential !

  1. What does this script file do ?
  2. System requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Usage under Cubase VST 5
  5. Usage under Cubase SX
  6. Important notes
  7. History
  8. Download

1. What does this script file do

This Cubase patch name script file offers easy access, under Cubase (v5.0 up to SX), to all the available instruments, SFX sounds and drum kits of soundsets GSSBK320.94b or GSSBK320.TTS+DRUMKITS.TTS by name.
Now you don't need to remember program and bank numbers for instruments or drum kits anymore :-)

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2. System requirements

  1. An EWS64 S, L, XL oder XXL
  2. The GSSBK320.94b sound set (loaded into the RAM of the EWS64)
  3. Cubase (v5.0 up to SX) from Steinberg
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3. Installation

Copy the file 'GSSBK320.TXT' into the Cubase folder 'C:\...\Cubase*\Scripts\Patchnames\Inactive\' and additionally into the folder 'C:\...\Cubase*\Scripts\Patchnames\'
(The exact path names depend on your individual Cubase installation).

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4. Usage under Cubase VST 5

  1. Select a MIDI track in Cubase.
  2. Activate the Cubase track inspector for this MIDI track - it must be active!
  3. Select 'EWS64 Play' for this track as the MIDI playback device.
  4. Click on the field 'Patch name' box of the Cubase track inspector.
  5. The dialog 'Set-up Instruments' will open.
  6. First type a name of your choice into the 'Name' box (e.g. SBK320).
  7. Click on the left button beside 'Patch Name Source' and select the entry 'Patch Name Script':

    Select 'Patch Name Script'

  8. Click on the left button beside 'Patch Name Device': Now the entry 'GS SBK320' should appear.
    If you move the mouse to this entry, a sub menu will appear with two available entries: 'GS Voices SBK320' and 'Drum Kits SBK320'.
    Select 'GS Voices SBK320', if you want to select a GS instruments or a SFX sounds -
    select 'Drum Kits SBK320', if you want to select a drum kit:

    Select GS voices or drum kits

    For drum kits, the particular MIDI channel must be switched to 'Drum Mode' - by default only MIDI channel 10 of the EWS64 is in 'Drum Mode'.
    You can easily set additional MIDI channels to 'Drum Mode' too - with my EWS64 Master mixer map or one of my 16 EWS64 Drum mixer maps - you're able to use different drum kits in this sound simultaneously!

  9. Now press 'OK':

    press 'OK'

  10. If you now click again on the field 'Patch name' of the Cubase track inspector, all available instruments, SFX voices or drum kits in this soundset will be selectable by name!

    I. Select a GS instrument (standard mode):

    Select a GS instrument (standard mode)

    II. Select a GS instrument (sorted by name):

    Select a GS instrument (sorted by name)

    III. Select a drum kit:

    Select a drum kit

Further information on patch name script files can be found in your Cubase 5 documentation.

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5. Usage under Cubase SX

Start Cubase, open a project, select menu 'Devices/MIDI Device Manager' and click 'Install Device':

MIDI Device Manager

Mark entry "EWS64 soundsets GSSBK320.TTS+DRUM..." and click OK:


Select in field "Output" the MIDI port of your EWS64 synth (normally EWS64 MIDI Play) and close this window:


Now select in field "Out" of the Cubase Track Inspector entry "EWS64 soundsets GSSBK320.TTS+..." for each MIDI track to be used by this script file:

MIDI Output Selection

Now click the field below 'chn' (view mouse pointer) and select the instrument of your choice in it's particular sub-directory:

Instrument Selection

At the track using MIDI channel 10 the Drum kits will be selectable instead:

Drum Kit Selection

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6. Important notes

Sound variations of GSSBK320 with alternate sound settings have /P, /V, /S and /A in their names: Back to the top

7. History

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8. Download

Here you can download the latest release of this script file (v2.1) including a HTML help file (ZIP file 12.7 kB):

Start: Download scriptfile GSSBK320

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